Thursday, December 2, 2010

Toyota Liva Price in India Toyota Liva Features and Specifications

Toyota Liva Price in India with Features and Specifications.

Toyota Motor Company launched tomorrow Etios car in India. Hatchback vehicles are using the name of Liva who weighs 890 kg and 1.2 L engine with 80 HP power.

Toyota claims, Liva has a good power without sacrificing fuel consumption. The interior was more spacious than rivals.

In addition to hatchback, Toyota will also launch a sedan and also Etios Liva equally diesel-powered 1.4 L 80 HP. The heart pacemaker is similar to those used in the Corolla, but without the turbo.

Toyota has held talks with their counterparts in India to display Liva version 1.5 L with power 88.7 HP. Back to Etios Liva which are launched tomorrow, said the price is priced from 4.5 to 6 lakhs (USD 88.2-USD 117.7 million) per unit.

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