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Nikon D3S Price in India - Nikon D3S Review Features Specifications

Nikon D3S DSLR Camera Price in India with Review, Features and Specifications.

Nikon D3S: photography has a new border

D3S with professional photographers around the world will explore exciting new creative possibilities.

Nikon D3S Review: Nikon is pleased to announce the D3S, the revolutionary digital SLR designed to expand the boundaries of photography. Professionals from around the world, thanks to D3S, should review the potential that the stock can reach today. Built upon the Nikon D3, D3S offers full control of the "crucial moment", even in case of unpredictable subjects and lighting conditions are critical, by virtue of a sensitivity to light beyond the capacity of the human visual: photography reaches So a new level, enhanced by the new creative options related to the D-movie function that allows video recording media. From today, professionals who engage in sports and action photography, will have new possibilities and opportunities available to them!
Nikon said that "D3S allows you to create stunning images even in low light conditions. This new development is also on the professionals around the world, with their suggestions have helped us to improve technology is already perfect."

Nikon D3S Features:

It's what you need now: The AFP (Agence France Presse), one of the most famous news agencies in the world, comments on the announcement: "E 'since we use the Nikon D3 that" want "the D-movie function to record movies. Now D3S can give us everything we need at this time, the ability to take pictures and record videos with a single device. In this way we will be able to provide complete packages of pictures and videos on the thousands of news and sporting events that we deal with every week: this provides a tremendous advantage, both to the publication in print, and online. "

Bill Frakes, a major professional sports photographer (he worked in over 100 countries and for the most important magazines) was among the first to try the D3S: "When you take a photo, decisions are taken within a few thousandths of second, so expect the best possible picture quality every time I press the shutter button. What I need is a camera that responds in a precise, rapid and uniform. The D3S does this and much more, and this provides me with a incredible freedom. "
When improvement is not an option, but a rule:  Offering his photographers the best, Nikon, with the new D3S, aspires to raise the performance of the legendary D3.

To achieve this, engineers have completely redesigned the Nikon's image sensor D3S, further optimizing the internal structure without changing the number of pixels (12.1 megapixels effective) and the high pixel pitch. The new structure of the sensor allows the D3S take pictures in low light unthinkable until recently. The ISO range of seven stops, measuring from 200 to 12,800, can take pictures and record video in low light conditions, with clarity and precision in incredible detail, which are essential for photojournalists and sports photographers. Further evidence of the incredible ability to D3S action in low light conditions, is the ability to offer three additional higher ISO levels up to HI3, 102,400 equivalent to ISO.

HD movies in FX format: The function of the D-movie D3S is enhanced by its large sensor FX format - which lets you shoot pictures in low noise with a wonderful performance of the fuzzy - and the benefits arising from the use of NIKKOR lenses, lenses preferred by the best photographers in the world, the growing tendency of video capture with a camera, it can also harness the creative depth of field offered by the new Nikon flagship. D-movie function is immediate, intuitive and provides a unique versatility, the scenes well lit situations in which the light is extremely small.

Movies are captured in motion JPEG format (1.280x720 pixels) at 24 fps with stereo audio recording capability, using the optional microphone. Shooting under ISO values expandable to 102,400 - in very low light, then - you can use the movie mode with high sensitivity; you can also crop the movie directly on the recovery room, simply by choosing the start or end points. You can even save some film frames in JPEG format, having the knowledge that they can also transmit the photo, not just the movie, a crucial moment.
Autofocus for recording movies: The network of 51-point AF system (Multi-CAM3500 AF 51-point high-density) provides a focus extremely fast, even in case of rapid movement and / or irregular subject. The 15 cross-type sensors provide high sensitivity performance, regardless of the type of lens you use. The AF system phase-contrast D3S has also been optimized to provide support during the acquisition of autofocus and Live View movies.

Sensor Cleaning: High demand by many professional photographers, the D3S has been given a new function of cleaning the image sensor, can generate vibrations at four different frequencies to reduce the impact of the accumulation of static dust on the low pass filter. This function, which can also be set to operate automatically when the camera is turned off and on again, was incorporated without any impact on the coverage of the frame of the viewfinder.

Flexibility: The D3S offers three crop mode, all automatically masked in the viewfinder. The photographer can now choose between 5:4 (30x24), 1.2x (30x20) and DX (24x16).

When discretion is everything: The D3S presents a new silent shooting mode that allows photographers to reduce noise pollution abasement of the mirror. Particularly suitable for photographers and nature images for those working in situations where the shutter sound might distract the subject, this innovation is once again a response to requests from photographers using the Nikon D3 series.

Five options Active D-Lighting: The D3S has five options for the D-Lighting, useful when shooting a subject with extreme high-contrast or brightness values. Along with a new Auto setting, users can choose from four levels of manual control, or Very High, High, Normal and Low.

Post-processing embedded: Another distinctive feature of D3S consists of the new RAW processing options available in the Retouch menu. The following picture settings can be immediately applied to RAW files (NEF) of the camera: JPEG compression, size, white balance, exposure compensation, Picture Control, Noise Reduction, Color Space and Vignette Control. These options provide an important activity of post-production on camera that the photographer, for example, engaged in travel, draw their images without a PC.

Ready for anything: The D3S redefines the boundaries of photography (and photographers), giving professionals more control over unpredictable subjects and lighting conditions more difficult. The camera sensor is so sensitive that they can grasp objects almost invisible to the naked eye, with the guarantee of a disease significantly reduced. Files created with this unique product will often ready for printing, without being touched. The weather sealed camera body made of magnesium alloy, was built to withstand moisture and extreme heat and to allow photographers to work quickly and efficiently.

This Nikon D3S camera latest price in Indian rupee is near about Rs.289949/-

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