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LG GM730 Price in India LG GM730 Mobile Features, Specifications

30LG GM730 Price in India with Features and Specifications.

The GM730 cell phone LG cell phone is a quad-band GSM handset with a 3-inch touchscreen. It is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, WiFi, GPS, microSD memory slot and support 3G for data transfer. 

The LG phone is categorized as cellular GM730 Balanced among all LG mobile phones Key details, basic specifications LG GM730

GM730 LG cell phone is a smart commonly called smartphone, which features advanced operating system, emails, connectivity and other


3G LG has GM730 allowing you to access the Internet at high speeds using mobile broadband


LG GM730 has Wi-Fi to connect to the internet through hotspots or public places, generally free and without using cell credit


GM730 LG has a touchscreen that lets you control all functions and enter data by using fingers or a stylus (stylus)


GM730 LG Bluetooth connectivity is still possible to use the GM730 LG with Bluetooth accessories like headsets or transfer files and programs and from other cell phones

FM Radio

GM730 LG has built-in FM radio, which allows radio stations to hear directly from the phone, using headphones or in some cases, built-in speaker

Music Player

LG GM730 has full music player which allows playback of songs in a variety of formats and has stereo headphones to enjoy the sound


GM730 LG has built camera which allows you to capture images anywhere, anytime

Video Recording and Reproduction

LG GM730 has the ability to record video with its integrated camera and play with their embedded video player

Memory Slot

LG GM730 has memory slot to expand its internal memory via external memory card to store more applications, games, photos and videos

GPS Receiver

LG GM730 has GPS navigation built-in geolocation. Using GPS GM730 LG can use services like Google Maps or send photos with location information

QWERTY keyboard

LG GM730 has full QWERTY keyboard, allowing you to enter data and write SMS messages so fast and easily, as well as writing emails and documents


LG GM730 can load custom ringtones and download ringtones from operators

Customer Email

LG GM730 has an email client that allows you to compose, send and receive email messages from anywhere using either the cellular network or Wi-Fi

Instant Messaging

LG GM730 has instant messaging client that allows real time communication with friends and family. Sometimes you can use popular services like MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk

Web Browser

GM730 LG incorporates its own web browser that lets you surf the Internet with the same user experience when using a PC

Document Editor

LG GM730 has the ability to view Office documents like Word, Excel, PDFs and in some cases edit


LG GM730 has a built-in speaker that works as a handsfree, allowing conversations without using the handset

This LG GM730 mobile latest price in Indian rupee is near about Rs.18500/-

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