Monday, November 8, 2010

LG creates a 111-inch LCD wall without frames

This gigantic display has been created by LG primarily for display and commercial applications such as ads in malls. Has 111 inches diagonal, equivalent to 2.8 meters. The manufacturer has created from several independent LCD panels. Hence, it is so important to reduce their respective bevels to a minimum.
The huge TV has nine screens, arranged contiguously in distribution 3 x 3. Each frame has a maximum thickness of 4 mm, particularly on the right side. In contrast, on the left have only 1.5 mm in width. As the top and bottom edge measures are in average 2.5 mm. Since among all build the mosaic complete. the fact that margins are so low enhances the continuity of the image. Or at least that is what is intended.

LG boasts that no other LCD wall with these measures and yet be so thin frameworks. And because it emphasizes also serves to break the record so far had a Samsung 55-inch model. At least temporarily, because we know that recorded goals against such competition is unavoidable circumstance within the sector.
It is true that the separation lines are still visible, but they are much more discreet than in other structures of this type (without going any further, some of the company's own IFA 2010). Moreover, while LG install it with this provision, the customer can place the screen with the settings you prefer. If by chance you pass by Japan can watch it live, as it will be exhibiting to the public in Chiba City for 11 and 12 November.

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