Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nokia launches Charger bike!

This technology is not new was presented by Motorola about three years ago, in 2007, but had great success as today.
The new kit is adaptable to any model bike was originally designed only for places where electricity is hard to find, is enjoying a high success in the capitals of the world especially in the cities called "green" as the Dutch city where is encouraging the use of two wheels in short distances.

The Bicycle Charger kit includes a Nokia charger specifically for this use, a generator to produce electricity, and a cute cell phone holder to attach to the handlebars of your beloved bike so there is no loose wires and if you add a Bluetooth headset experience is amazing!

This splendor is probably available for the summer but still is not fixed a precise date for the sale in stores and online, instead set the price: about 850 INR.

Nokia also anticipated during the presentation that will leave a short series of 4 new "C" series Nokia low-cost the price will be between 1700 and 2550 INR, will not have news about technology, but will be dual- sim and battery life is very high about 6 weeks of standby time!

The Finnish giant, is moving its corporate philosophy to new technologies in favor of ecology, what do you think of that Nokia is introducing new products at this time?

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