Sunday, June 6, 2010

Echo-Bolide Bugatti Comes

A super car zero emissions? Apparently, the French company is testing (in secret) a motor powered by a power capable of delivering the beauty of 800 hp.

Secretly - Bugatti is not only thinking of a fully electric sports car with 800 horsepower under the hood, but it is already testing. To sustain it, there would be a group of lithium-ion batteries providing the power needed to run two electric motors, each of 400 hp and a "push" of 1100 Nm (Newton meter). Not to give too much attention during testing, however, the French company has "hidden" the new powertrain to zero emissions under the skirt of a "normal" Bentley Continental GT.

In the "CV" Bugatti, there is already a previous cabinet. This is the Type 56, a model of the 30s, built by Ettore Bugatti (founder of the French car maker) to wander around inside the historic headquarters in Molsheim, and then built in just six. A piece vintage Bugatti, now holding the Volkswagen group, has exhibited at the last Frankfurt Motor Show.

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