Monday, May 24, 2010

ONIDA Air Conditioner Price India | ONIDA Air Conditioner Price List

ONIDA launch new air conditioner models with capacity of 0.8 ton, 1 ton. 1.5 ton and 2 ton AC. The New ONIDA 2010 Range of Air Conditioners is designed to provide Instant Cooling in peak summer.
Onida Air Conditioner Price and Model Detail
  • Onida S12TRC5 1.0T – AC Price Rs.22000/-
  • Onida S12CFL3 1.0T – AC Price Rs.17500/-
  • Onida S12FLT5 1.0T – AC Price Rs.20900/-
  • Onida S12TFL3 1.0T – AC Price Rs.17250/-
  • Onida S12TRD3 1.0T – AC Price Rs.17750/-
  • Onida S12LCD4 1.0T – AC Price Rs.19150/-
  • Onida S12MVD3 1.0T – AC Price Rs.18250/-
  • Onida W112YR Window AC 1.0-ton Price Rs.13000/-
  • Onida iCool SpeedCool AC – S12SPD3 1.0T Price Rs.17950/-
  • Onida iCool SpeedCool AC – S12SPD5 1.0T Price Rs.21350/-
  • Onida S18CFL3 1.5T AC Price Rs.22000/-
  • Onida S18FLT5 1.5T AC Price Rs.25650/-
  • Onida S18TFL3 1.5T AC Price Rs.21750/-
  • Onida S18TRD3 1.5T AC Price Rs.22250/-
  • Onida S18LCD4 1.5T AC Price Rs.23650/-
  • Onida S18MVD3 1.5T AC Price Rs.22750/-
  • Onida S18TRC5 1.5T Onida AC Price Rs.26950/-
  • Onida S18SPD3 1.5T iCool SpeedCool AC Price Rs.22500/-
  • Onida S18SPD5 1.5T iCool SpeedCool AC Price Rs.22500/-
  • Onida S09CFL3 0.8T AC Price Rs.13950/-
  • Onida S09TFL3 0.8T AC Price Rs.13750/-
  • Onida S09SPD3 0.8T iCool SpeedCool AC Price Rs.14250/-
  • Onida S124TFL3 2.0T AC Price Rs.27750/-
  • Onida S24SPD2 2.0T iCool SpeedCool AC Price Rs.26350/-
This Onida Air Conditioner is available in India with attractive look and lowest price.

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