Saturday, November 13, 2010

Canon PowerShot SX30 IS Review

The PowerShot SX30 IS the experience in Canon optics with 35x optical zoom ultra-wide angle. An optical Image Stabilizer 4.5-steps and a Zoom Full Help make still images with a high level of zoom and HD videos a breeze.
  • Ultra wide-angle zoom 35x
  • Optical Image Stabilizer (4.5 steps), USM, VCM
  • 14.1 MP CCD sensor
  • LCD screen of 6.8 cm (2.7 ") and Variable Angle, EVF
  • HD Video, HDMI
  • Intelligent Auto Mode (Smart Auto)
  • Manual Mode, Low Light & Effect Video Thumbnail
  • Help with Zoom Full
  • Servo AF / AE
  • Wide range of accessories
Exceed their ambitions with a 35x zoom

Objective ultra-angle 35x optical zoom
A powerful optical zoom combined with an ultra wide viewing angle that provides almost all the necessary focal length (24-840 mm). From vast landscapes and interior scenes with close-ups of long-range camera is ideal for every situation.

Optical Image Stabilizer
A powerful optical Image Stabilizer provides a compensation of 4.5 steps in-class and can capture crisp images in low light or when using very long focal lengths.

14.1-megapixel sensor with DIGIC 4 processor
A high-resolution sensor allows printing of documents in A2 size for stunning images. It also lets you crop and get a large image from a larger scene.

LCD screen of 6.8 cm (2.7 ") and variable angle
PureColor II LCD screen with variable angle VA provides the frame from odd angles and, thanks to Quick-bright mode from Canon, shooting and viewing in strong sunlight are more simple touch of a button.

Dynamic IS HD video, HDMI
Recorded HD (720p) with stereo sound quality and Optical Image Stabilizer to get steady images, even in motion. The objective of the Ultrasonic Motor (USM) ensures a quiet and precise zoom and Intelligent Auto Mode (Smart Car) optimizes the results from 21 different scenes.

Intelligent Auto Mode (Smart Auto)
Intelligent Auto Mode (Smart Auto) selects from 28 different scene settings and lets you make great pictures without worrying about settings. The camera automatically analyzes the subject and decide what the best solution for optimum results.

Manual Mode, Low Light & Effect Video Thumbnail
Added new shooting modes for creative experimentation to a more rewarding experience. Get an image appears on a small scale by using the Thumbnail Effect, get better results with the Low Light mode and have complete control thanks to the manual modes.

Help with Zoom Full
When shooting with the zoom at maximum can be difficult to control a subject at a great distance. At the touch of a button Aid Full Zoom away quickly from the scene, allowing the user to find the subject and place it within the original framework. When you release the button, the zoom back to its original position.

Servo AF / AE
Servo AF / AE continuously adjusts focus and exposure on moving subjects so you can capture with a brightness and sharpness.

Wide range of accessories
Optional accessories include filters Adapter Lens with 67 mm threaded lens filters for positioning, while its hidden touch pad is compatible with the range of Canon Speedlite flash units.

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