Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another 20 new Android Mobile in 2010 By Motorola

Motorola confirms its special affinity with Google Android and announced that by the end of 2010 will be submitted at least 20 models in total.

Milestone literally reborn with the Motorola, Motorola confirms its special commitment to pursue the path Android, presenting far, the new Motorola FlipOut, designed in a square that reminds of the series Kin Microsoft, Motorola and Xtreme has a 4.1-inch display while they are being launched many new smartphones.

Tom Satchwell, director of marketing for Motorola confirms the fact that American society is committed to launch total of 20 other devices over the next seven months, raising the promises made in 2009 when there was talk of 20 models in 2010 that should become reality in 22-23.

The producers have already conquered many of Android, and Nokia and Apple exclusion include virtually all major manufacturers worldwide.

The challenge Android - iPhone fights but mainly on the software and digital content: with thousands of developers doing business with Apple, a little less than with Android.

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